Life with Braces

Now that you have your braces, it's important for you to know how to properly take care of them throughout your entire orthodontic treatment.

Eating with Braces

Eating proper foods and minimizing sugar intake are important during orthodontic treatment. Some foods may cause tooth decay or damage your braces. Continual breakage of brackets will extend your treatment time.

Avoid eating hard and sticky foods such as:

  • Hard Candy, Hard Granola Bars, Ice, Lollipops®, Peanut Brittle and Popcorn Kernels
  • Caramels, Fruit Roll-Ups®, Gum with sugar, JuJubes®, Starbursts® and Toffee

Be careful when eating chewy, crunchy and sugary foods such as:

  • Apples (cut small), Carrots (cut small), Chewy Granola Bars and Chicken Wings
  • Corn on the Cob, Hard Bread Crusts, Jerky (cut small) and Nuts
  • Chocolate bars, Cookies, Fudge and Pop

Enjoy eating soft foods such as:

  • Cheese, Crackers, Eggs, Meat, Muffins, Noodles, Pancakes and Pasta
  • Peanut Butter, Pizza (avoid crust), Potato Chips, Poultry, Seafood and Smoothies
  • Soft Fruit and Vegetables, Soups, Sugar Free Gum and Yogurt

Soreness caused from braces and appliances

You may notice your teeth and mouth feel a little tender or sore. To relieve any irritation, we recommend dissolving one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of lukewarm water. Swish and gargle this solution in your mouth for 30 seconds (do not swallow the salt water).

If you experience discomfort, you can also try taking take a pain reliever. It is also not uncommon for your lips, cheeks, and tongue to become irritated for one to two weeks as they toughen and become used to the braces. We will provide wax you can put over the braces to lessen the irritation.

Loose Teeth

If your teeth begin to feel a little loose, don't worry; this is normal! Your braces must apply pressure to your teeth in order to move them.

Loose Wires and Bands

If a wire or bracket becomes loose, please contact us as soon as possible. If any piece of your appliance comes off, be sure to save it and bring it to the office with you.

You can temporarily fix the loose wire by using the back of a spoon or the eraser end of a pencil to carefully and gently push the wire back into place. If the loose wire is causing irritation to your lips or cheeks, put wax or a wet cotton ball over the broken wire to relieve the pain.

Take Care of your Appliances

Damaged appliances can increase the length of your treatment, so be sure to take care of all your appliances. Your teeth and jaw can only move into their correct positions if you consistently wear the elastics, retainer or other appliances.

Playing Sports with Braces

Game, Set, Match - we have great news for athletes! You can still play sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment! If you do play sports, it's necessary that you wear a mouthguard in order to protect your teeth and your appliances.

In case of a sports emergency, be sure to immediately check your mouth and your appliance for any damage that may have occurred. If you notice any loose teeth, or if your appliance has been damaged, please contact our office right away. You can temporarily relieve the discomfort with wax or by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water.